NEXT Passover Seder FAQs


Q. Who can host a NEXT Passover Seder?

A. In order to host a NEXT Passover Seder, you must be a Taglit-Birthright Israel alumnus or former bus-staff (madrich or madricha) residing in the United States or Canada. Current employees of Taglit-Birthright Israel, Birthright Israel Foundation and Birthright Israel North America are also eligible to host NEXT Passover Seders.

Current employees of NEXT, as well as their immediate family members are not eligible to host NEXT Passover Seders. "Immediate family" includes only spouses, parents, children, and siblings.

Q. Where can I host my NEXT Passover Seder?

A. The Passover Seder program is intended for you to bring Passover into your home. Although you’re not required to limit the meal to your dining room (some past hosts have held picnics!), Seder meals may not be held in commercial venues.

May I host a NEXT Shabbat meal in the same month as my NEXT Passover Seder?

A. You may host a NEXT Shabbat meal and your NEXT Passover Seder in the same calendar month.

Q. Do I need to do anything special at my meal?

A. This is Passover your way. We only require that you take a photo of all your guests with the NEXT Passover Seder sign we email to you. However, we do provide resources on our website for you to use at your meal, if you so choose.

Q. Does my Passover Seder meal need to be kosher?

A. We encourage you to have a kosher meal but it is not required – remember, this is Passover your way. Please remember to be mindful of your guests' needs (vegan, kosher, allergies, etc.) and ask them in advance if they have any dietary requirements so you can plan the meal accordingly.

Q. I've never hosted a Passover Seder before. How does it work?

A. We're excited to help you host your first Passover Seder! Take a look at our website to find traditions you can incorporate into your Seder, readings, recipes, background information on the holiday, and more..

Q. I am a Taglit-Birthright Israel alumnus currently studying or living abroad (Israel, Spain, Italy, France, etc.). Does NEXT cover Passover Seders in places outside North America?

A. NEXT Passover Seders may only be held in the United States and Canada.



Q. Do all my guests need to be Taglit-Birthright Israel alumni?

A. No, but we encourage you to invite your Taglit-Birthright Israel friends to your meal.

Q. Can I host my family for a NEXT Passover Seder?

A. NEXT Passover Seders are about creating communities of young adults and therefore a majority of your guests must be made up of your peers. Family members may attend but may only comprise 25% of your guests.

Q. Do all my guests need to be Jewish?

A. No; we believe that inviting guests from different backgrounds can help inspire a lively discussion about Jewish holidays and life. We do encourage you to invite both your Taglit-Birthright Israel friends and your other Jewish friends.

Q. Do my guests have to be a certain age?

A. No, but we will only provide payment for guests who are at least 18 years old. The Passover Seder program is offered to adults. Remember that if you plan to serve alcohol, you must observe all applicable laws!

Q. How many guests can I invite?

You must host at least five guests (six total including the host), but you are allowed to invite as many as you like. NEXT will only pay for up to 16 people, including you, the host.

Q. Can I ask my guests to help cover costs?

A. No, NEXT Passover Seder meals must be offered FREE of charge to guests (potluck meals are great, but are not part of this Passover program, and will not be eligible for payment). Please do not ask your guests to contribute anything to your meal, as NEXT is providing the necessary means to support the cost of your meal.



Q. How do I invite guests to my meal?

A. You are welcome to invite guests any way you’d like! There is a link to Facebook in your Host Center so that your Passover Seder can automatically be posted to your Facebook wall. We also provide an "invite your friends" email template. Let us know if you would like to see other tools like this!

Q. How do my guests RSVP?

A. You can use any method you choose to keep track of which guests will attend your meal but you do not need to submit RSVPs to us prior to your Seder. Passover Seder payment is based solely upon the number of people actually at your meal -- not those who say they’re going to come.

Q. Do I invite my own friends or does NEXT send me guests?

A. As the host, you create your own guest list. NEXT does not match guests to Seders, and you will never be required to host anyone you don’t want to host.

Q. I need to cancel my Passover Seder. Is there a penalty for cancelling?

A. No. If you need to cancel your Seder, you can do so in your Host Center. Please note that NEXT cannot cover any purchases made prior to canceling your meal.

Q. Why does NEXT sometimes ask for guests' email addresses? What will you do with them?

A. We are committed to protecting the information we received when you use this website. All information collected from you is for our internal use only. As a registrant for the NEXT Passover Seder program, you may periodically receive emails from us about upcoming events and opportunities. We will never send any such emails to guests whose contact information you have provided. Guests’ email addresses are collected solely for the purpose of requesting feedback about the NEXT Passover Seder program following a guest’s participation. Also, we will not provide or sell any collected contact information to any outside vendors or organizations.



Q. How much money am I eligible to receive from NEXT?

A. NEXT will pay up to $10 per person for at least six and up to 16 people: a maximum total of $160. Hosts must pay for their Seder and meal up front. When completing your payment process after your meal you will have the option to request less money if you do not wish to receive the full amount. While we do not require you to submit receipts for your Seder, please keep them until you receive your check. In the case that something is wrong with your payment process, NEXT does reserve the right to ask for your receipts.

Q. What does NEXT pay for?

A. NEXT's payment is intended to cover the cost of food and anything else you need to enhance your Passover Seder. While we do not require you to submit receipts for your Seder, please keep them until you receive your check. In the case that something is wrong with your payment process, NEXT does reserve the right to ask for your receipts.

Q. I finished my meal, how do I get paid?

A. After your meal you will receive an email prompting you to log into your Host Center. At the Host Center you will begin the payment process, which includes submitting a Feedback Form and photo(s) of your guests with the sign that we email to you. This photo must include ALL GUESTS for whom you wish to receive payment! During the payment process, you will also have the option to request less money, if you do not wish to receive the full amount. Your payment information, including the Feedback Form and photo(s) must be submitted by April 29, 2014 in order to qualify for payment.

Q. Do I need to save my receipts?

A. Yes, please save your receipts. While we do not require receipts to be submitted as part of your payment process, NEXT reserves the right to request and review your receipts before sending payment, and to pay based on those actual expenses. You will not be required to submit your receipts unless asked to do so. Failure to comply with the NEXT Passover Seder Rules and Guidelines may result in denial of payment.

Q. When will I receive my payment?

A. You can expect to receive a check via mail within six weeks from when you complete the payment process in your Host Center. A confirmation e-mail will be sent when you have successfully completed your payment process. If your confirmation e-mail does not arrive within a few hours of attempting to complete your payment process, please check your spam, and if an e-mail has not arrived, log back in to your Host Center to verify that your payment process was correctly submitted.



Q. I registered to host a Seder but I can't access my Host Center. What do I do?

Go to, click on “Register Now.”  You can only access your Host Center if you are logged in with your username and password (see below for instructions).

Q. I don't remember my username/password. What do I do?

A. E-mail and he will be able to assist you during regular business hours.