Has your week gotten the best of you? Mark your calendar for Friday night and celebrate Shabbat by resting, reconnecting with friends, and enjoying some delicious food--and we'll cover the cost. We want you to do Shabbat your way, whether you keep it old-school and traditional or reinvented and outside the box. Even if it's your first time celebrating Shabbat, NEXT has all the tools you need to bring Shabbat into your home with no experience required.

Register to host a Shabbat meal--either Friday night, or Saturday afternoon--and NEXT will provide a slew of resources, a Shabbox, and funds to cover the cost of food. You can even host a potluck-style meal, and we'll help fund your main dish.

Review our rules and FAQs for more information. Rest, reconnect, and enjoy.


NEXT is thrilled to have Moishe House as part of the NEXT Shabbat network. This partnership has helped to expand NEXT Shabbat to Moishe House communities throughout the United States and continues to thrive with each NEXT Shabbat meal.